About Virtual Vector

What is Virtual Vector?

Virtual Vector is an online publication started in September of 2022 by Mathew Olson. The Virtual Vector newsletter covers developments in the virtual and augmented reality industries and comes out once a week.

Who is Mathew Olson?

Mathew Olson is a writer and reporter based in New York City. Previously, he worked for The Information, USgamer.net, and Digg. In addition to running Virtual Vector, he is currently a graduate student at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. He was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and first used a virtual reality headset while attending Reed College. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Where did that logo come from?

Jack Grimes created the logo and wordmark for Virtual Vector. To see more of Jack's work, visit jackapedia.design, Jack's Instagram account, or Jack's Twitter.