Subscription Levels

Virtual Vector is a reader-supported publication. While part of each main newsletter is free, full access to all issues and the complete archives will only be accessible to paying subscribers.

NOTE: For support tiers with Discord access, the process for being invited to the server with appropriate permissions is currently not automated. Please allow 24 hours for an invite, and email with any concerns.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll get if you subscribe at each of the different levels. Details on complimentary and corporate subscriptions follow.

Free - $0/forever

Anyone who subscribes for free will get part of each weekly newsletter, including occasional full issues. From time to time free supporters may also receive all or part of a bonus dispatch. At the moment, there's no ad-supported tier, so the only call to action you'll see in the emails is one to sign up for a paid tier.

Vector Reader - $6/month or $60/year

Subscribers at this level will get access to every issue of the weekly newsletter and all bonus dispatches, including the archives. It's as simple as that: you're guaranteed a new issue every week–usually on Wednesday, with any schedule changes announced as soon as possible–plus every bonus released in the newsletter feed.

Vector Villager - $8/month or $80/year

Support at this higher tier grants access and posting privileges in most of the channels on the Virtual Vector Discord server. Among other things, the Discord is home to a public channel with curated links to VR and AR news posted throughout the week–think of it as one part rolling preview of the upcoming newsletter, one part shoutouts for smaller stories and items of interest that might not make it into the newsletter. Subscribers at and above this level can make suggestions for that curated channel and will also be invited to a monthly private audio or video chat in the Discord, with plans to invite special guests for in-depth discussions.

Vector Voyager - $11/month or $100/year

For now, this level is the only paid tier that grants access to additional written Virtual Vector coverage. On top of getting everything from the previous tiers, Voyager supporters will be part of the Vector Media Club–think of it as a monthly book club for immersive technology, though it may also cover a movie or game. Along with access to a Discord discussion channel for these Media Club selections, subscribers will get a full-length written review of or companion piece to each month's pick. Voyager supporters will also receive exclusive invites to regular meetups and exploration sessions on immersive platforms. Like the monthly private Discord chats, these events will include special guests or activities as frequently as possible.

Subscribing at this level will also grant special access to anything else Virtual Vector creates or hosts. For example, if there's ever a Virtual Vector podcast, it'll be released at this level either with early access or additional Voyager bonuses.

Complimentary Subscriptions

At this time, free subscriptions to the Reader tier or above are being distributed on a discretionary basis. With time, Virtual Vector will start to grant a limited number of free subscriptions on a regular cadence. If you are interested in reading the full newsletter for free, send an email to with the word "complimentary" in the subject line, accompanied by a short explanation of why you would like to read the newsletter (e.g. "I am a college student studying virtual reality design"). Your response will be added to a queue that will be addressed as time and budget allows.

Corporate Subscriptions

Do you represent an XR company? Or maybe a company interested in learning more about immersive technology and the metaverse? Virtual Vector can provide corporate subscriptions at a discount for groups of 5 or more. If you are interested, send an email to with the phrase "corporate subscription" and the name of your company in the subject line, along with a message specifying how many employees will receive the newsletter. Please allow between 24 and 72 hours for a response.