Privacy Notice

The following notice addresses how Virtual Vector Inc. ("Virtual Vector", "we", "our") collects and handles information and data provided by its users. Virtual Vector uses Ghost(Pro) to operate our website and mailing list. Anyone registering an account, free or paid, in order to read the Virtual Vector newsletter should familiarize themselves with Ghost Foundation's privacy policy. Anyone joining the Virtual Vector Discord channel should familiarize themselves with Discord's privacy policy.

Information Virtual Vector may possess about a user

Once registered with Ghost and subscribed to Virtual Vector, a user's name, email address, the date when they signed up, and (if provided) their location will be accessible to Virtual Vector through a dashboard provided by Ghost. As a user engages with the Virtual Vector newsletter over time, Ghost will relay engagement stats about that user (e.g. email open rate) through that dashboard.

What Virtual Vector will do with user information

Virtual Vector will not sell any user information or data to third parties. When users unsubscribe from Virtual Vector, newsletter service will cease.

On occasion, Virtual Vector may present aggregated data about users on our website, newsletter, social media accounts, or Discord channel (e.g. noting how many people have subscribed to the newsletter) or to third parties in order to convey the size and engagement of our user audience. Identifiable information will not be shared publicly without a user's consent (e.g. asking to quote a user's feedback in the newsletter and crediting that user by name, or including links to a user's email address or social media profiles on notice posted in Discord as per user request). Any user that shares information publicly through Virtual Vector should be aware that the data may be collected by a third party or indexed in a search engine without Virtual Vector's say.

In select scenarios, Virtual Vector may transfer information from one platform we use to another in order to fulfill a user's purchase of digital goods or services. The minimum amount of information necessary will be used to complete such transactions (e.g. in the event a user subscribes through Ghost at a support level that grants Discord privileges, only that user's email address will be used to craft an invite to the Discord server).