For tips

To pass reporting tips on a secure service, contact Mathew Olson with Signal at the number 646-694-0692. Alternative contact options are available upon request.

For press releases and inquiries

Virtual Vector can be reached by emailing

Abuse of the press line may lead to the offending email address being blocked. Occasional misplaced pitches are fine, but repeated messages about products or services unrelated to the VR and AR industries will not raise the chances of Virtual Vector covering that topic above zero. Virtual Vector does not cover crypto markets, NFTs, or Web3, and pitches tied to those with little to no connection to VR and/or AR will not be considered.

For feedback

You can direct any feedback about Virtual Vector to or to Mathew Olson on Discord. Replies to and retweets of @mathewolson and @virtualvector on Twitter are always appreciated. Please, no spam or harassment on any platform. Be chill, okay?