Sketch #2 - 10455/10527

Here's the link to the Twine sketch. Update 2/29: The itch page is now password protected: catn2024

And here's a picture of what the structure looks like in the editor:

A zoomed-out screenshot of my project in the Twine editor, displaying the links between passages identified by their passage name.

I really did set out to find an old personal essay of mine I wrote while in college and adapt it for this sketch. I wasn't able to find a copy of it. So I ended up making this, an expanded/remixed/adapted from memory version. There's a parallel structure making up the bulk of it, where I challenged myself to start passages with the same lines. You can't really hop between those main tracks save for one link, and I built in a fairly obvious link back to the start of the piece toward the end of both tracks in the hopes that a reader might cycle through it over and over until they're satisfied.

Maybe that's more satisfying than the fractured structure of the original essay? Maybe not! Hopefully I'll actually recover it from my old laptop soon and have a chance to compare the two.

I think the linking is pretty straightforward, if circuitous. There's one very small use of variables toward the end when swapping between 10455 and 10527 a couple times before getting the link to the ending page. If I had to take another stab at this, I'd be interested to try making a version where you explore the house passage by passage. It'd probably drive me a bit nuts, though.