Hypercinema 9/1/22


Spoils of the audio scavenger hunt. Sounds captured by the group of Sam De Armas, Dror Margalit, and myself.

The list:

The feeling of loneliness (eerie elevator)
The feeling of joy (pages rapidly turning)
The sound of betrayal (a door clapped shut)
The sound of heat (microphone near, but not in, a microwave)
A hum (microphone, definitely placed in a fridge)
An airy sound (street sounds, four stories up)
A ticking sound (a clock—the more I listen, the more it sounds like scraping)
The sound of red (a first ride on the ITP Mobile)
Roundness (the world, or a small paper representation of it)

The bounty:

All sounds: Sam De Armas, Dror Margalit, Mathew Olson. Image: Photo taken in class on my iPhone, inexplicably turned 90 degrees clockwise on import.

Additional thoughts:

In the case of a few of these clip uploads (taking care to preserve the "master" copies), I trimmed the runtime and/or boosted the volume. This was mostly in an attempt to not have listeners ride the volume adjustment between tracks, though it was also helpful in reacclimating to Audition and the Windows file system.

Listening back to all of the recordings made that day—about 20 in total—I found a short clip where I can be heard nervously(?) explaining I'll need “a clear path” with the scooter in order to capture “the sound of red.” This is funny to me, and probably only me, because I had considered suggesting that one of us secretly record one of the others as “the sound of betrayal,” but then got distracted by the globe we found. Glad I didn’t run over any toes.—9/7/22