Physical Computing 10/26/22

Final project, initial idea - Household goods sequencer

Update, 11/9/2022:

After recent discussion with Danny, my plan now is to break the project up into a few stages of development:

(1) Create a sequencer in p5 for an upcoming ICM sound assignment.

(2) Explore mode of interaction to "set" the sequence physically, using different sensors (e.g. RGB sensor) or actions (detection using PoseNet? plugging in objects?)

(3) Settle on interaction mode by week of playtesting, hopefully have a single example working.

The big thing I want to explore today is not just getting away from the light and distance interaction I used in the midterm, but getting away from the idea that this has to just be a box. If I'm already going to use p5 for sound output, meaning the system is not entirely self-contained, then why not try more modular or spread-out ideas for how to set the sequencer order?