Virtual Vector - Hiatus Update

Virtual Vector - Hiatus Update

Hello everyone,

As promised, here's an update on the newsletter hiatus: I need to extend it through the rest of February. I know there's plenty to talk about this month, from the launch of PS VR2 and the recent goings-on with Meta to the Samsung news and today's new headset reveal from Bigscreen. Keeping Virtual Vector on hold is not a decision I'm making lightly.

This week I'll be working through the processes with Ghost and Stripe to make sure that February payments are properly paused for monthly subscribers. If you have been incorrectly charged during this hiatus, expect a refund in the coming weeks. Everything I explained regarding payments in the previous notice still holds, and if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out at

Again, thank you all for the continued support.

-Mathew Olson