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A still image of John Goodman in the movie True Stories, performing the Talking Heads song People Like Us.
True Stories, 1986, dir. David Byrne

Hello! Mathew Olson here.

For now, at least, this page is going to serve as a portal to my blogs for classes at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. I'll update the following subheaders with handy-dandy hyperlinks to each blog post as I write them. Subsequent updates on the state of this page (or on the program more generally?) will follow underneath the class listings—9/6/22


Week 1 - 1/30/23


Week 2 - ATtiny85 programming jig, capacitive sensing


[Thursdays, Gabriel Barcia-Colombo]
Week 1 - Scavengers - 9/1/22
Week 2 - Focus Time - 9/8/22
Week 3 - Falling Toward Something - 9/15/22
Week 4 - In translation - 9/28/22
Week 5 - Duck amuck - 10/6/22
Week 6 - Frame by frame - 10/13/22
Week 7 - Wobbly - 10/20/22
Weeks 8/9 - Zach the Life Influencer - 11/3/22
Week 14 - Cornell Box Project - 12/16/22


[Tuesdays, Allison Parrish]
Week 1 - Blog/Homework - 9/6/22
Week 2 - Blog/Homework - 9/13/22
Week 3 - Blog/Homework - 9/20/22
Week 4 - Blog/Homework - 9/27/22

ICM - Pixels
ICM - Sound

Week 14 - ICM & Pcomp - Final


[Wednesdays, Katherine Dillon]
Week 1 - Taste, Tested - 9/7/22
Week 2 - Thoughts on Hoefler episode of Abstract - 9/14/22


[Wednesdays, Daniel Rozin]
Week 1 - "Don't get frustrated, get help!" - 9/7/22
Week 2 - Blink or you'll miss it - 9/14/22
Week 3 - Faster - 9/21/22
Macabre midterm
Week 6 - Midterm madness - 10/12/22
Final project, initial idea - 10/26/22
Final project, refined idea and BOM - 11/9/22


[Wednesdays, Sarah Rothberg]
Week 4 - In Class Discussion Notes - 9/28/22 (Link to class WordPress)

Why choose True Stories for a header image?
I get a bit tetchy at the thought of a page that's just text, especially when using a nice CMS like the one Ghost provides. This happened to be one of the nicer looking images I currently have saved to my desktop, and aside from the obvious reasons—it's a great movie, I love Talking Heads, the associations with my time in undergrad—I can't see any deeper reasons for choosing the image at this time. Maybe I'll swap it out at some point later, or perhaps I'll interrogate the choice more deeply here in the margins as the semester goes on. Who knows!–9/6/22

About all those images on your site...
Every blog post linked to on this page is made and hosted for the sake of my classes at ITP, and has nothing to do with any professional content I may host elsewhere on this domain (hey, web hosting ain't cheap). For documentation's sake I'll always do my best to credit who made or owns what, but if you're reading this and happen to have any concerns about content on this site, I can be reached at [my first name, no brackets]